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We are creating spaces for everyone to train comfortably and safely so they can feel empowered and strong instead of judged and shamed. All gyms and trainers have committed to helping you feel comfortable with fitness again.

We believe in...

Feeling strong & empowered

Leaving the body out of it

Removing diet culture

No Scales & Measuring

Positive Vibes & community

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Do you typically hate the gym or dislike the term "fitness"? We were committed to keeping the dialogue and focus on how fitness can be a powerful way to feel balanced, healthy, and strong.

We are here for you! Join the movement if...


Feel Strong

5 Tips to find a gym that fits

It can be hard to find the right gym — many women hate the gym. You want a gym or trainer to help you feel better about yourself and to help motivate you at all times. The gym that fits will be in alignment with what you want and need and will have a community of like-minded people.

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