Apr 18
5 Tips to find a gym that fits

It can be hard to find the right gym — many women hate the gym. You want a gym or trainer to help you feel better about yourself and to help motivate you at all times. The gym that fits will be in alignment with what you want and need and will have a community of like-minded people.

Apr 14
Removing shame from the gym experience

One thing that keeps women away from the gym is a cycle of shame. Shame is a terrible emotion that does the opposite of what we set out to do as gym owners, but it happens all the time.

Apr 12
A note to gym owners – are you ready to join the movement?

We need a new movement in fitness. We need to focus on STRONG over scales. When I started my kickboxing studio, I realized that this mission was more important than anything else. We provide a safe space for women to feel supported and strong—and we leave their bodies out of it!

Apr 12
How to transform your fitness class using positive words and actions

When women are searching for a good class or instructor, they are looking to find someone who has a teaching philosophy that resonates with them. Just being good at fitness does not mean you will be good at teaching.

Apr 12
5 ways to make women more comfortable joining your gym

The number one reason women don’t work out or go to the gym is their fear of being judged. Would a woman feel comfortable joining your gym?